You will need
  • - any Internet browser.
  • check on the website
On this website you can create your own character called "old". Usually it is a certain character you chose. The main purpose of this sentient beings engage in dialogue with you or any other person. Externally, the "old" similar to the functions of chat-bots, the only difference is that your pet need to create the most.
The beauty lies in the fact that at the beginning of your acquaintance with a new character, it seems a little silly. Because it is an artificial intelligence, it will be wiser, all depends on the time that you are willing to spend on their "old".
After you go to this website you will be asked to watch a demo video, it is desirable to do, because you still don't know how you can create a "infa". Then you can proceed to the selection of ready-made options or creating your own pet. To start, simply click the "I Want infa.
You will see the registration window in the system. You need to specify your e-mail, unique password. After reading the license agreement, click "Register".
Now you have available all the features of the character creation, select the image of your companion (beast boy or girl). You can then customize the appearance of your project by choosing eyes, nose, mouth and clothes. Give your character a name, and then click "go to training".
An interesting feature of this online service is the ability to have a lot of 'info" on one account. To start learning go to the "Training" tab and select any lesson.
The whole gameplay is reduced to a constant training of your pet, which can then be shown to your friends or post a link to it on social networking sites. To do this, click "Site info" and then select the site. The screen will display detailed instructions on placing links on pages of the selected site.