You will need
  • computer or laptop from which the correspondence was conducted via ICQ
When you communicate in ICQ and other programs and instant messengers, all sent and received messages are stored and the folder of this program. The process of removing the history of correspondence ICQ from different versions may vary slightly. Usually it looks something like this: run ICQ, press "Menu" - "Contacts" - "message History". In the list of correspondence , select the rows that you want to delete and press Del on your keyboard, then confirm the action.
Another way is to select the desired contact in the list, click on it with the right mouse button, select "message History". A window will open with your correspondence. To erase, click "Remove". If you want to selectively delete messages, select them, hold down Ctrl, press Del on the keyboard and confirm.
The whole history of correspondence messenger client is stored on the hard disk of the computer or laptop in the system folders. It looks like this: C:Documents and Settingsваша_учетная_записьApplication DataICQваш_никMessages.mdb. File Messages you need to remove. What about the history is stored in plain text format, the correspondence with each source in a separate file. This correspondence can be viewed, delete some phrases, or delete the whole file.If you can't find the disk With the Application Data folder, this means that you do not see the system files on the computer. To make this folder visible, you need to change the settings. To do this, in any folder click "tools" - "folder options" - "View" - "Display contents of system folders".
If you wish, you can manage file correspondence Messages.mdb using Microsoft Access (a program for working with databases). It is necessary to understand the SQL query language. So you can delete the history by nick, messenger, or ICQ the entire history of the correspondence as a whole.