Understand for themselves who will be the participants. First of all it is the potential buyers who responded to the advertising campaign and called for a commercial enterprise. Still some participants of future promotions – store personnel, that is, the sellers. The ad's not selling, successful selling is 80% dependent on the ability of the seller to offer the goods. The third character of the action – the Manager of the store (Manager, administrator or Director). This person sets the tone of the whole action.
Define the motives of the protesters. The difference in motivation of the participants due to their different interests. The buyer responds to the action in the hope of acquiring the product at the lowest price and get extra benefits in the form of service or bonuses. The seller is interested in tangible rewards and recognition for work performed. The administrator, apart from the Commission, interested in promotion, increasing the sales volume of the enterprise.
Prepare for a diverse target audience. For a washing machine or refrigerator can come as male or female, student or pensioner. A bonus in the form of washing powder to the washing machine will please the lady of the house, but may be indifferent to a man who wants to buy a ticket for a football match. Therefore, make sure about the different bonuses. This may be a case of beer, 20 gallons of gasoline, household chemicals, computer accessories, subscription to beauty salon, etc. get Creative.
Make sure that your bonuses are relevant. In mid-August can be offered as gifts school supplies before the New Year – a set of Christmas toys.
Make the campaign more successful by inventing a small, inexpensive gift to each buyer. It's better than the raffle of the car at all, because the probability of winning is very small, and buyers know it. The lack of buyers attention and creates loyalty to the store.
Consider a simple circuit to receive a bonus or prize. Give gifts immediately after purchase. For example, if receiving a gift requires the participation of a check number, consider precise filling technique appropriate flyer, and it must be done by the seller, not the buyer.
Finally, invite the buyer to make the gift choice from several options. The ability to choose a positive effect on the mood of the buyer. Most importantly, that the choices were not too much, otherwise the action can turn into a primitive "flea market".