You will need
  • - album sheet
  • pencil
  • - eraser
Start with drawing out the shapes of the heads of the lovers. First draw a wide heart, and then divide it in half with a vertical line. Turned out two heads touching each other. Finish neck.
Now draw the torso guys. Male torso, draw a wide vertical rectangle, and the women draw a narrow vertical rectangle. Guide centerline. Boy and girl draw chest, given the characteristics of the anatomical structure of the body. Smooth lines draw the waist of the man and the waist of the girl.
Draw hands in love. First, draw them as circles. It will be a place of bends. Connect the circles with straight lines. The girl's hand draw the "tick". The left part of the "put" on the male chest. Complete the second hand to the lady. Guy draw an outstretched hand lying on the waist of the girl.
Make a detail person. Draw the closed eyes in the form of an arc. Also eyebrows draw an arc and draw the ears. More clearly outline the hand. The girl can see both brushes. The fingers draw close. Now "put on" a loving couple. All the extra details clean by using an eraser. Sleeves t-shirt label a horizontal bar, a little of the setting beyond the boundaries of the width of the hand. Top girls draw with smooth lines held under the arm and on the neck.
Draw the hair guys. Guy take a short cut, and the girl is long. Each strand not pririsovyvat. Just the tips of the hair make sharp. Razreshite loving couple. The guy's hair and shirt to make one color. On the left side all the note a tone or two lighter. Thus imitate the play of light and shadow. With the painting girls will do the same. The folds on the clothes draw using light and dark zigzag lines.