You will need
  • - bucket of water
  • - office silicate glue, 80 g;
  • - caustic soda ash, 100 g;
  • - drinking soda, 100g.
Type in a bucket of water. Dissolve in water, silicate glue, stirred it. Heat the resulting solution to room temperature.
Add in heated water soda ash, stir it in the water. Cover the bucket with a lid and bring the resulting solution to the boil. When working with soda ash caution — contact with skin may cause burns if in contact with a concentrated substance, wash the affected area with a weak solution of acetic acid or under running water.
When the water boils, put the cleaned food residue from the dishes in a bucket and boil it for 20-30 minutes.
Remove the bucket with the solution from the heat and leave to cool with the dishes. When cool, remove the dishes and thoroughly rinse it under running warm water.
Mix baking soda with a small amount of cold water. The resulting slurry apply on the surface of the dishes and some time RUB it with a rag from a dense material or a hard sponge. Rinse the mixture with warm water with soap and dry aluminum utensils dry.