You will need
  • the cement curb.
Usually curbs are laid in a concrete base. It buried part of the height equals the height of the aerial part. Setting the border is to garden paths. Dig a trench along the intended track to a depth equal to half the height of curbs. Prepare the cement slurry.
Set the level so that all the stones were set at the same height. Pour the solution into the trench, install curbs, leave it to harden for a day.
Pour the curb with the soil and start laying garden paths.
For long-term use of the garden path border should be set higher than its level, to sand and soil falling on the belt. The base of the curb can be arranged from sand and gravel - then improves the drainage of the entire track.
There are also plastic bordersthat you can buy in gardening shops. Used for the manufacture of plastic high density. It is simple to install and can be easily seen on the plot so that it can perform the function of a delimiter of the flower beds, mark the terrain and the border of Vicosa grass.
Some types of plastic curbs are used for laying paving slabs. It is easy to install and requires no digging of trenches and the preparation of cement substrates. This type of fence can be installed in fluid lines by using the anchor pins. Plastic curb can withstand significant physical activity and lowering the temperature to -40oC.