The legislation does not provide a single form of making a response to the claim, so when his writing need to guide the practice of law. Can seek the services of professionals or to make a document yourself.
In the upper right corner, specify the name of the court, in whose production is the case number of the case, the data claimant, a third party, the defendant's legal address. Can optionally write the e-mail address, telephone number and Fax number.
Next, write the title in small letters and all describe what you think is right on the merits of the stated requirements. Try to observe a logical sequence, refer to the regulatory legal acts, the evidence of his innocence. In addition, if you make copies of any documents to review, you will need to list them in an Annex to the document. Specify the numbering and attach to the recall petition statement.
At the end of the review put the date and signature. If the document is signed by your representative, then he must attach to the document a copy of a power of attorney authorizes him to do so.
You can send the document by mail, in this case it is better to issue a registered letter with notification. Another option is to refer to the court where the document in the office or present it personally to the judge.
Remember that you need to prepare a copy of the opinion on the writ a statement on the number of defendants, third parties and one copy for the court, it is attached to the case. Can give opinion to the plaintiff that he had the time to study your objection, agree with them or refute.
Opinion is not a disagreement and not an excuse, rather competent written explanation and expression of his own opinions and positions in the case. The person who submits a review on the writ a statement of the requirements and consistently, convincingly refute the plaintiff's claims.
Try when you write a review don't be guided by emotions, do not write anything extra, it should be only the facts that have direct legal value for consideration of the case in your favor.