In General, the balance of this. Let's start with the word "kid . "The kid on criminal slang – is a young thief.
The word "guys call themselves "children of the street . In other words, the representatives of the subculture. Other people call them bullies. They themselves, of course, are not considered.
Incidentally, the word "kid comes from Odessa-the Hebrew word "shmuck, and literally translates as "small penis .
Have kids, or muggers, black-and-white perception of life (by the way, this is a sign of limited thinking). Therefore, in their "minds , people are divided into two categories: "boys and all the rest. Concepts Gopnik, who is not a kid – a sucker.
The real boy, chotko boy, smooth kid, the right kid. "The real boy is a "kid living "concepts . Sharp kid is a kid who always knows the clear answer, which is wrong. Wrong he's always the source. The right kid is one who lives according to correct notions, watching the right movies, listening to music... In General, people crowd and zombies.
"To live by the rules , in fact, means to live according to the rules of the underworld. Concepts are the norms, unwritten rules and laws that are invented by the prisoners (convicts) to survive in prison. We can say that "concepts - the laws of the wolf pack.
Sometimes these unspoken rules coincide with the universal, sometimes not. For example, if the "kid "cut phone the average person (sucker ), it's the rules of Gopnik's okay. There is something to boast about. If "the kid stole from "his – he is a "rat who is responsible for it before the boys .
I.e. "the notion of kids (unwritten rules Gopnik) protect only their interests. For other people, these concepts do not apply.As a prison "idea mixed with the street? For a variety of reasons.
First, the fashion for crime and Gopnik began in the 90-ies, when the ball is ruled by criminals and crime, "tough guys and "new Russian".
Second, many criminals 90 (those who are not killed in clashes ), rewind time, "I lay a zone. After his release from prison has stayed the bullies are taught to live "on concepts "young .
Thirdly, the romance of the criminal world. Romantic it makes mass culture. Films "the Brigade "Zhmurki , Bumer , "Brother created the image of "hero of our time , because the real "heroes of the time we have. Previously, it was Viktor Tsoi, Vysotsky, talc – but it was the strong personality of the wrestlers who had a lot to learn. Now these "heroes "Love in the district – gray mass "of kids who "live by the rules . "Real boys who are listening to the right music: chanson (any – of the Circle to Kuchina), bawdy songs, rap ("Caste , Serge), primitive pop music.
The image of the ideal "real kid is very different from the present. For example, take the concept : "the boy said – boy did . Of course, responsible for the words you need, not just "the kid , but anyone. That's the only reason it happens more often: "the Boy said – boy did. And then did it again. As they say, "the second time as the first time ...
By the way, like all "concepts , it is the rule of "real boys only for "their . To all others the command, "said, did not apply.
To look like a real kid , not necessarily to sit in the entrance and at the bus stop on cordah (as is customary in the area), the husks of "seeds and drinking vodka and beer from plastic cups. Enough to make stupid and sly expression (God forbid, even a nerd!), to under poluboks haircut or bald, make the voice loud, cheeky gait. All the crap (ie, clever words and thoughts) throw "of the head , and say everywhere in the vernacular, thieves jargon. "Their" to call "bro" girls "broads" and "Chicks" ordinary people, "the moose", "horse", "terpenes", "Bob", etc. according to the situation.
To be more convincing, need more aggressive bully those who are weaker: "Hey, you're a kid or a goof?" or "Hey, you live by the rules or not?" Be sure to tell the boys when and how much you drank, how many women are "raped" and like threw another sucker. The main thing is the "bro" was you "respect". Like, you're a real boy and all that.
In General, the fashion for "real kids in a few years will pass. To have the term "his release is not "cool , and even former criminals went into business. Gray mass Gopnik ("real boys ) is gradually transformed into a gray mass of ordinary people and consumers with middle-class conception of life. And if today the law of the street "might makes right , tomorrow will be the rights of the one who has more money .
However, it is happening today. Just look more carefully.