You will need
  • A trap, a wooden stake, rope
Find beaver made a dam and break it, so that the water level has fallen by 10-20 see Wait for the fall of water is required in order to set a trap at the desired depth.
Prepare a wooden stake with a length of about two meters. On a solid surface, set the trap on the maximum level of hardness (for security). Retreat from the shore half a meter and beat count. Choose to stake more dense soil. A stake so that the beaver didn't run into him, otherwise he can chew and use for repair of the dam. To the bottom of the stake, tie a rope with a length of 1,7-2 m. Mask the lower part of the peg silt to make it invisible.
Install the trap completely. Keep the spring in the direction towards each other. The trap along with the springs should resemble a horseshoe. The installation depth of the trap is 40-50 cm. At lower depths, the animal may touch the trap with your belly.
Now tip off the trap more sensitive. Take the trap from the bottom (this will save your fingers from shock in case of accidental triggering of the trap) to stand was located on palm and fingers on the arcs shrink the arc. Take a plate down, leaving minimal hook Lodge.
Nastorozhit trap, gently take it over the edge of the springs and install at the bottom of the reservoir. When setting the trap keep the bed to yourself.
Provide camouflage for the trap. Take a bit of silt and vzmutit over the set trap. The settled slurry will cover the trap and will prevent the device work. Try to keep the trap has not got leaves, grass, small twigs, as they can trigger the trap empty.
When checking the trap, keep in mind that the dam time can be restored by others beaverand this can increase the water level; the trap in this case will be deeper than you think. To check, use a long stick with a knot, having it in the place where there should be a cable.