You will need
  • Trap, steel wire
Find rabbit trail, it is most convenient to set the trap. Walk along trails, finding a place where the rabbit jumps over the obstacle or find a hole.
Install a trap on the trail, carefully camouflaged. If the light trap, tie him to the goods or attach it to the tree.
If the snow had hardened and covered with a crust, hares move and without trails. In this case, set the trap with bait. It could be the aspen, the willow branches, a tuft of hay. Can hang the hay at a low altitude, right over a trapand there to scatter small pieces of hay. The hare will pick up the pieces, and noticed the dangling bait, trying to get it, and then inevitably find yourself in a trap.
Try to replace the conventional trap trap in the form of a loop. Catching the hare on the loop has a lot in common with the procuring hare traditional trap. Compared to trap loops have the advantage because they are lighter, easy to carry, very cheap and usually more efficient.
Fabricate a loop of soft annealed wire. The softer the wire, the more reliable it will trap. Too tight a loop will allow the animal to get out, or work loose, besides, it will be more difficult to install. Annealing wire spend the whole skein, then cut it into pieces one metre in length. Ready loop roll into circles with a diameter of about 10 cm and put on a thicker wire (for easy carrying).
Finding a rabbit trail, remove the piece of wire with a ring on the end, gently straighten, stretching it between your fingers, then bend into a circle. The free end of the thread through the ring on the other end of the wire.
Near the trailhead look for a flexible tree with a diameter of about 5 cm and firmly attach it to the loose end of the loop. Loop place strictly perpendicular to the direction of the trail. Loop shape should be rounded or in the form of an ellipse. The diameter of the loop should be 23-28 cm Loop diameter is too small and the hare is usually passes. The lower part of the loop should be located at a height of 15-20 cm above the snow level.
Picking a place to install such a trap lying on the trail find a tree or a small groove, through which the hare jumps. Alert loop should be where left a trail from the front legs of the animal leaped.