Today, the most fashionable is laying simulating natural and loose hair. Medium length hair very easy to style to create easy, undone feel – this effect looks very stylish.
Also do not lose their relevance styling, hair which is smoothly combed back. To create this hairstyle, use a comb and styling gel. A few drops of gel onto the palms of the hair, smoothing them from forehead to nape.
More casual looks messy hair, to create that you need to take a small amount of wax, apply it on the hair and combed it back, while seeking to maintain the volume. This hairstyle suitable for weekend and business day.
You can also perform simple hairstyles side swept hair, performing it with the left or right side. Divide the hair so that the right and the left side was unbalanced, and then smooth both part of the hair from the top down, causing the palm a small amount of wax. Spray the hair brilliant spray for styling.
Stacking hair is not necessary to comb them back – you can also slick your hair forward, covering his forehead and eyebrows. Wash the head and necesite hair towards the forehead, and then optionally make the bangs a bit ragged, treating individual strands of the gel. This hairstyle will make you look younger and accentuate your style.
If you require an exquisite, aristocratic hair, you can style your hair with small curls that are found not only in women but also in men's hairstyles. Divide the hair oblique parting, and then a few strands at will screw hot tongs. Lock the curls varnish or gel.
One of the most fashionable hairstyles today can be called a hairstyle, imitating artistic mess on his head. Wash your hair, dry your hair with a Hairdryer and whisk them in any direction, necesita strands in different directions. You can direct the hair forward or sideways and even up, and the result is to fix it with gel.