Most of the summary are made on a single sample, and summary for the post of security guard including.
The top of the page, right or left, you need to specify a large font for their name, name, patronymic. On the contrary, in small letters, address, mobile and home phone and email.
Then in large letters to spell the title of "Goal". In this case, candidacy for the post of security guard.
The next heading is "Experience". There are specified all the companies, starting from last place. For this you need to split the page into two halves. On the left is written the time period (specify only the month and year of admission to service and discharge). To the right is written the name of the company position and principal duties. So one after another, all recorded from the first.
Then there is the item "Education". There are indicated all the schools are completed, and not completed, as well since the last. Written date of receipt and date of completion, name of Department and specialty. If you had passed the training course or received additional education, it is necessary to mark in the summary.
The following paragraph - "Knowledge and skills". For the applicant for the post of security guard this can be the ability to monitor the possession of firearms and so on.
Then count the "Personal qualities". It can be: responsibility, honesty, diligence, perseverance, attention and so on.
Then you need to enter the licenses and certificates. The graph is called "Certificates". For the guard it could be licensed to carry firearms and the certificate of completion of staff chop (private security organizations). If you have received awards - medals, mention this in your summary.
The following graph is "Other". Here is written everything that was not included in previous paragraphs of summary and personal information. This can be information about family status, habits, the presence or absence of a driver's license, a hobby.