You will need
  • Paper, pen, observation, sense of humor
To write a good story, you need to know the problems of the people with whom they live. You need to feel the time and highlight striking shortcomings. Even more vices, without excuses.
Having defined the subject of the future work, collect and study material on the topic. For example, if you are going to make fun of alcoholism, it means that collect information on alcoholism. If Your skit will appear not a fictional character, get to know him better.
Make sure the absolute negativity of the phenomenon. You have to be sure that it is 100% evil, without any "but". No excuses, reservations. Bad period!
Enter in the product – the event served as a call to writing an article. The reason which was decisive in choosing this theme. If it's all the same alcohol, the event could be a drunk that sold the last "pants for vodka."
Finally, don't forget the humour which allows the article to be in the forefront that is satirical genres. But the quality whether it will work depends on your abilities. Go for it!