If you are a student and think about how you design your project, first check with the requirements of the teacher that assigned the assignment. In most cases this is enough. If the teacher asked you work is not for excuses not to then lime and you have printed a document on inspection of work, he gave all the details of the requirements that he wishes to see reflected in your work. If he just said "Write" and left no instructions concerning registration, it is unlikely that he will find fault then to the small drawbacks: font size, indentation and so on. However, keep your ears open and don't be fooled: your teacher know best yourself.
In any project you need to show your personality (if the project is implemented by one student) or to present a beautiful example of collective work (if the work is assigned to the group). For the original design you can increase the score, even if the content is somewhat disappoint. However, there are two points that must be taken into account. First, do not overdo it with creativity, it should not interrupt all the glitter of your thoughts reflected in the text of the paper. Second, consider the severity of the project and its themes. It is unlikely that the project on the economy requires vibrant illustrations, which, however, would come in quite handy, do you work on botany.
The most typical way to design such a kind of work - text document, printed or simply sent to the teacher on the e-mail address. However, if you have the desire and if the teacher gave the go-ahead, you can show your nature already in the choice of format. Make an album with colorful illustrations; remove the film; make the web-site... Modern means of provide you a wide range of possibilities. In your power to make your project interesting.
Finally, we need to consider the usability of your document. Everything in it must be structured to at any time you (or another person) could refer to it and easily find forgotten information. This applies to both project students and project teachers in the second case, the convenience factor is probably the most important. After all, you have a responsibility to the whole school, and than the will be made your project, the better you will cope with its implementation.