Write an old friend or PAL. The communication by means of letters differs significantly from that of a joint campaign in the movie or light-hearted chatter in the cafe. The frantic pace of modern life sometimes prevents to talk, even with those people with whom you have known for many years. Writing a letter to a friend, you can not hurry to Express everything that had accumulated. New mail format only further bring you closer together and will open another in new faces. You can also write a letter to the friend with whom long time no see. Everyone typed an address book of names of those people with whom life somehow, you lit. The resumption of relations with a school friend or peer can please you both.
Find other social networks. Such Internet servers "Vkontakte", "Odnoklassniki", "My circle", "Facebook", are becoming increasingly popular and often play the role of Dating sites. Browsing other people's profiles you can find someone with similar interests, learn about their preferences in music and movies. However, be aware that the information in questionnaires may be wrong and referring to the student-architect, you can actually write a thirteen year old teenager. Many users of social networks moreover deliberately restrict access to his page privacy settings, avoiding contact with strangers.
Sign up for the other language site for finding friends. Combining the useful with the pleasant, not only will you be able to acquire new friends in different cities around the world, but also tighten English. In addition, on specialized sites more likely to find like-minded people and to response to the letter. The most popular services are,,
Email to multiple people. To understand what kind of person is on the other side of the monitor, not so simple. Send letters to any of 3-6 people and don't expect a reply too soon. Someone can answer that night, and someone needs to think about the answer for a week. Be active. Write for a few emails to new people and be prepared for the fact that not all of the responding you will like it. However, the more new friends you develop, the more chances to find a really close minded person.
Start with short letters. Not worth it in the first Epistle to recount his lineage up to the tenth generation or to provide a detailed report on all the films viewed. You still have time to share with a new friend by correspondence, all you care about if the relationship will develop. But to be limited with the standard "hi, how are you?" also should not be. Ask first your letter to one topic you could discuss.