Mobile trap you can make at home yourself. For this you will need: nylon chain, nylon rope, telescopic fishing rods, electrical tape, wire, foam.
обычная летучая мышь как содержать
The first stage. Measure the canvas from the nylon network size 3x2,3-meter, place it on the frame, made out of a nylon rope. Thread the rope at the extreme apertures, with the help of secure nodes at the corners of the canvas. The nodes must be made straight, leaving the loop the length of which is two to three inches.
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Next, you need to find the right size poles. The role of the poles it is possible to use telescopic rods, which must be free from rings. The weight of the pole should be chosen in accordance with the capabilities of the catcher. If the trap is designed for women, the length of the rod should not exceed three meters for men, respectively, fit over the long length.
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Also pay attention to the strength, elasticity and lightness of the rod, you should not choose too flexible, as the staves must be able to withstand any quick change of direction, to withstand wind gusts, bumps on the surface of the water or trees. After you select the appropriate rod, cut it the most flexible ends, secure with insulation tape loop made of wire.
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After that you can start fixing the mesh at the poles, this slip free of the bottom hinge leaf on a pole, and loose the top hinge and tighten with the choke, keeping indentation at 15 cm from the end of the rod.
The bottom loop attach to the wire loops, it is better to use a clothes line rubber band. The rubber band should be folded in three or four times, so that when the strokes it remained tight. But not too drag it, as this can cause the automatic addition of traps or breakage of the pole. The production of traps ready. To protect the flying mouse from the injury, the tops of the poles attach the foam. After that you can proceed directly to the capture of bats.
There are several manners of holding the trap. When the "standard" manner, the arms should be bent at the elbow, to clasp your hands over the middle of the pole, the lower part of the rods passes under the mouse. So you fix the position of the trap, which prevents its loss during active strokes.
The main methods of catching bats – podawanie. Podawanie is carried out using the side strokes, as they allow you to control the fabric tension, the movement of the poles, which allows you to definitely track the direction of flight of bats. Once you are caught in the web of a small animal, quickly keep the staves. Wypalania it carefully so as not to damage the wings.
You should pay attention to the fact that the cry of a mouse may attract other individuals, so it is desirable that nearby was another catcher.