To insert chat room to your website in three ways. The first method is for those web-developers, a resource which is on the engine. Almost every engine has its own modules and plugins that allow you to expand the service portal. For example, the engine is "Joomla has admin panel special interface to load plugins and modules. Download on the official website of the extension module chat. It is free.
Go to the administrator panel, locate the menu module Manager and extensions". Browse the path to the archive the chatand click "Unzip and install". The installation will occur automatically.
Download the app any chat. Unzip it on your computer. Now proceed to the second way of installing chatand. It is universal for engines and handwritten sites (with php support). Open your site after saving the folder with chatom the root of the resource. Copy in your browser the location of the php installation file chat. Opens the setup window of the chat. Now create a MySQL database for the chat. Then finish the installation by following the instructions.
To install the chatand the third way need script website. You can write it yourself, skachats from Internet or make to order. After that, open the editor of main page of your website. Copy the contents of the script to a convenient place. Chat will work. Consider the platform script. If chat not Java script, and php, create a MySQL database for data storage chat.