You will need
  • Tulelake, alloy for casting bullets, protective glasses and gloves, a candle or a match.
Fabricate pulaaku. Use the drawings in detail calculated the diameter of the body of the bullet and the bore. Thus, in the manufacture of "Diabolo" it should be remembered that its diameter centering the belt have to do less than the diameter of the bore of 0.1 mm. body Diameter of the bullet, in turn, should do less than the maximum choke constriction of the gun barrel 1-1. 5 mm.
Make a centering spigot bullet diameter solid. This will contribute to a better balance, sharper and more accurate shot. In addition, such a matrix for the manufacture of bullets (pulaaku) will be much easier to construct yourself.
Zacopride all internal surfaces of pollachi open fire. This will help you to significantly improve the filling of the die cavity and the surface quality of most bullets.
Heat details pollachi to a temperature of 100-120°C and mould bullets. For security purposes, use thermal insulating gloves and protective goggles. When the casting has hardened, dismantle pulaaku, pre-tapping its base on a massive piece of metal.
Pay excess on casting bulletswith a knife. I file the cut.