If you use scissors, you need to cut wet or at least damp hair, as wet hair is easier to align, not be damaged at the site of the cut, is cut. And if you offer to wash my hair before cutting, agree. But when the mowing machine is better if my hair is clean but dry, as the machine can quickly become cluttered with wet hair.
Men's haircut with a comb start with a uniform combing hair in the direction of their growth. Then begin cutting the parietal area, moving to the back of the head. Comb must capture the hair against their growth. The back of the head are cut from the bottom up, constantly testing angle the result is to prevent the "ladder". Whiskey also cut in the direction at first upward and then away from your face. Trim the nape of the neck should be soft on top and behind the ears cut all superfluous. All hair outside the outline is cut off with a razor.
Cut machine much easier and faster. The largest comb attachment (the value chosen at will) begin to cut the parietal, then temporal and occipital part of the head. Move the clipper against the hair growth smooth measured movements. Don't forget after every meal brush your hair. Then the smaller nozzle doing the haircut of the temporal and occipital areas again. That the transition was smooth at the beginning of the movement take the pressure, and as it approaches the parietal allot hand. At the end of the haircut even more little nozzle pass the border zone and the border. The hair should be brushed in different directions to make the shift smoother.