You will need
  • Plastic bottle, box of matches, a stapler, peas, scissors, tape, foil.
First, you need to make the igniter. To do this, take a strip from the plastic bottle and put on her half of the side walls of the box of matches. To fix a stapler in two or three places.
As for the case of the firecrackers, take the balloon to a small size. The ball must be filled with peas. You can use the funnel made from the neck of a plastic bottle, and scoop out a small Cup. Merc gives you the opportunity each time to measure and pour the same amount of peas.
To put on the neck of the balloon on the funnel and fill with peas. Then the funnel is pressed to face, and through it a little inflated. When tapped on the neck, you can pour all the peas, then release the air.
Insert a firecracker through the neck of the funnel into the ball. To seal the top part with tape to protect from fire. From one end to leave a flammable part of the exposed in the place where he is closer to the edge of the firecrackers. Remove the funnel, trim the neck on the ball inserted between a firecracker and a ball of five matches.
The firecracker tape ball matches and immediately attach the igniter. The tip of the igniters to bend, so it does not hit the ball. Petard is ready.