Cleansing treatments should be twice a day. Make sure to get all necessary: gels for the face, tonics, lotions for problem skin. When cleansing, place the gel on the face for a few minutes, it is better to corrode the dirt and exposes them. Toner, tightens pores in order to reduce the likelihood of acne. Well, about the cream too do not forget.
Clean twice a week the skin with the use of abrasive particles for removing the dead layer of the epithelium. Can use a scrub, regular soda or table salt. Apply to damp skin, massage and rinse.
Wipe face with a slice of lemon or cucumber. Lemon juice tightens pores and improves skin color, cucumber works in a similar way.
Make a mask out of clay. You can use any that you like best. Dilute the dry mixture to form a consistency of thick cream and apply it on face for 10 minutes. Good help and the mask of the film, they deep cleanse the skin of impurities and tone. Before you do the mask, hold face over the steam, the skin becomes more susceptible to the effects of nutrients from tools.
Try to eat right and not consume a lot of alcohol. Vitamins and minerals will bring only benefits, so take the course of taking any complex tools. Try more walk in the fresh air away from busy roads, the skin needs to be enriched with oxygen.