You will need
  • the tape, helper, table sizes
What pants do not buy without trying, "by eye", it is known probably all. But the fact that the size should be chosen correctly, not always taken into account. It is important to remember that the size of the pants is not determined by any one indicator. Ideally, you need to consider three figures: the waist, hip and length of leg. These indicators are the Foundation of all unified brand sizes. In English they are marked by letters W (Waist - waist), S (Seat – hip he Hips in some tables) and L (length).
To accurately determine your size of pants, you need to take correct measurements. Do it better with help, since measuring yourself is very difficult. With self-measurement is easy to make a mistake in counting due to movements and bending of the body. Exactly the same to fathom the length of the legs on yourself is impossible.
For taking measurements, except for the help of others, it will take a tailor's meter (the tape). The waist is measured at the narrowest point of the hull at the level of the navel. The tape should be stretched tight enough without pinching the body. Hip measured at the level of the hip joints the most protruding points of the buttocks. The length of the leg it is better to measure on the inner side of the thigh (from groin to floor), as the fit of all models of the trousers are different and it's easy to make a mistake.
The measurements were as accurate as possible, you need to stand absolutely straight with your back straight, straighten the arms along the body. Have an assistant take measurements, to make sure you several times, and record the results. Then you can take any fashion magazine, clothing catalog, or to find in the Internet the table size iss and to compare the figures obtained with the standard models. If your size iss do not fall exactly in a standardized sizes, it is better to choose those that are a little different from yours in a big way.