Advice 1: How to talk on the hair dryer

A person involved in the criminal world, to teach it is not necessary. He knows. Uncomplicated is better from use of words that are part of this layer of language, to refrain. By the criminals ' botania on the hair dryer" far from his public is frowned upon. But some features of their everyday speech know will not hurt. In some cases this will protect you from trouble.
How to talk on the hair dryer
You will need
  • - caution;
  • - observation;
  • - the ability to analyze and draw conclusions.
The first thing it is advisable to know many of the words that seem far from the crime the innocent person in this environment is considered a terrible insult. Even the word "man" offensive, if I call a person occupying a higher position in an unwritten hierarchy of a prisoner. Men, as they call the main prison mass: the audience, in what denigrating terms thug morality is not seen, but the criminal lifestyle is not leading, are considered a caste (or as they say in captivity, "suit") is respected, but the thieves are above.
Even more unacceptable to call "goat", "the devil" or "rooster", whoever these "stripes" is irrelevant, and the "rat" - one of whom no definite information that he steals from her.
Carefully you should also use the word "ask". In captivity it has only one value - the penalty for the violation of the unwritten norms of the prisoner, referred to as "concepts". In the meaning "ask a question" is preferable to use "interested in".
Banned also the name of investigation and defendants in the criminal case. You cannot call the prisoner to the witness, even if it is required to confirm that he saw with his own eyes. In this case there is the word "witness".
Unacceptable also the verb "to prove." Prove to investigating authorities, the main enemies of the prisoner. He "justifies", including through "eyewitnesses".
One of the ambushes, which can get into communication with representatives of the criminal uninitiated person the word "offense" and all its derivatives. Of the public the word "hurt" has only one meaning - belonging to the prison untouchables, "rooster", also referred to as "omitted".
Accordingly, "to offend" means to expose ritual "omissions" (often homosexuality, but there are other ways to get to kiss the toilet ("ducku", "stool"), to conduct a sexual organ on the lips, to drip cum on the face, etc.).
To plead or to call another "hurt" is fraught with irreversible consequences. So the prisoner, who was hurt in the conventional sense, they should say "disappointed", "upset".
Very narrowly in the criminal use also the meaning of the word "point" - the anus. The so-called well-known and popular in the underworld card game is unacceptable - only "twenty-one".
Noteworthy to say about swear words. In communicating with representatives of the criminal world it is better to forget about their existence. It is difficult, especially in GP where the majority does not swear obscenities, and talking to him, thus creating his problems.
"To justify" that you mentioned someone's mother in the abstract, not the interlocutor, or the definition of promiscuous in sexual relations ladies were used as an interjection, not its characteristic, it will not be easy. For the first time, most likely, explain and forgive, but the repetition of the incident will ask for the full program.
With the interjection on "b" while determining a dissolute woman, and its derivatives should be particularly careful.
Behind bars" referred to actions taken against the thieves ' ideology and punishable by death, and "b...Dyami" - commits them.
To determine that the act belongs to this category, shall be entitled only credible offender, with the status of "Thief" (the criminals I write only this word with a capital letter, and it is status, not a criminal specialization, hunted thefts referred to as the "Kaduna"). The rest is just "offer" his opinion on this matter.
One subtlety. The decision about belonging to any "suit" shall be taken only by "looking" or "polozhenets". It's a reputable inmate, set to monitor compliance in the chamber ("house"), the prison, the barracks area (and in the environment say "in prison", "in the zone", "camp") in the first case, the General solution are there criminals in the second - the criminal elite ("Thieves").
Simple if the prisoner knows, for example, the beginner something defamatory, you should inform the others. And then decide what to do with it "looking" or "agent". The very same conclusions regarding the "suit" of the perpetrator should not hurry.
Useful advice
Experienced clerks usually recommend far from the crime and not seeking in this environment people just don't bother with the prison and the area. If it happens to end up in these places, where by far better to avoid it, but to renounce them - a thankless task, there is a newcomer ("parohodu") explain everything, and he himself, at first, will have to look.

Advice 2: How to say hair dryer

Fenya is a type of slang, originally invented in Russia traveling merchants who wanted to hide their conversations from outsiders. Currently it is used by persons serving their sentence in "places not so remote." Fenya became the element that distinguishes those who are in any way involved in the criminal world, people outside the law. Being such an interesting language element, Fenya attracts many people with its etymology and simply by the unavailability of a simple man. So how is it to learn how to say hair dryer?
How to say hair dryer
Write the key words that you would like to say on the hair dryer. It can be common words used in life. For most of them in the hair dryer is replaced. So just build your basic vocabulary and write these phrases on paper. Better to let these phrases be a little at first, over time you will increase their number. This will greatly facilitate the process of memorising on the hair dryer.
Download or buy in the store a dictionary of criminal slang, Argo or of course give a damn about. As you can see, the names (and self) for the same concepts invented a lot, so prepare in advance for hard work, similar to learning a foreign language, with the only difference that the letter and pronunciation you learn will not have.
Take a sheet of commonly used phrases that you compiled in step 1. Find an equivalent for each word of each phrase in the dictionary. Then assemble these words into a single phrase. For example, the most common phrase for the so-called aliens and first time staying in a prison, not more than a foreigner there), the phrase "do you speak the lingo?". The translation is very simple – "got all the jargon?". In the same way translate each phrase and say it aloud to remember. This will lay the Foundation for the study of FeNi in your mind. Examples of phrases: "push the empty" - "to talk nonsense"; "the suit lay" - "it happened"; "hammer tanks" - "to lie, diverting attention from the essence".
Fenya study systematically, because, as mentioned earlier, the jargon is a foreign language. Repeat re-examined every day and try to make monologues. And, of course, try to communicate with the media – for example, with a former criminal element. Surely he will give you many valuable tips on the study give a damn, just be careful and don't try to go for her, it could be dangerous.
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