You will need
  • A piece of paper, pen, phone.
Try to remember in detail a situation where you made a mistake. Do not throw a tantrum, and calmly play the reasons to go for it, some minor details. Abstracted, take a piece of paper and write it all down. Imagine that tells you about your mistake, someone else.
Now remember and write down your actions that led to unfortunate consequences, that is, the activities that comprise your fault.
And now, if you have the desire, weep. Throw a tantrum, break a few plates, throw a pillow in the cat, knock his head on the wall. Once you have a good cry, and you will feel better, re-read your posts, presenting at the same time that you did not write, but someone else. Think about whether this "someone else" makes that suffers from perfect they mistakes.
Think of how you could act differently in a situation when a mistake was made. What consequences would have such a thing? What prevented you to do so?
Find phone numbers of people affected by your mistake, call them and apologize. No matter if you're worried about the events that happened ten years ago. Even if your partner barely remember, when you hurt him, you'll still be relieved when the spoken words of contrition.
Make the necessary conclusions for themselves and try to do as many good deeds. To be in a good relationship with yourself and others, to enjoy every day – that's the key to happiness.