Advice 1: How to put a network on the river

Network is one of the oldest inventions of mankind. In ancient Russia the network trailed mostly by women, and used native men. Now very few who holds the secrets of knitting nets, and put them on the rivers unit. We will tell you how to do it.
On small rivers of the network can be put without the boat just stepping ashore. In this case, the network is spread along the coast or perpendicular to it. This method is particularly effective in spring and in shallow water. In addition, for your own protection, wear a special rubber suit. Be careful, be careful not to get lost in your own network.
On a narrow river network can deliver, even without going into the water, through perlage. It will require the participation of two fishermen. They are on opposite banks of the river. The first fisherman casts to the other side, a thin cord with a load. The second binds a cord to the end of the filler cord and begins to etch the network. The first fisherman at this time pulls the cord on his side. This method of rasstavte networking is best used in combination with the surge of fish that is particularly appropriate for rivers with steep banks and deep pools.
On a small river network can be put in the League. On the shore fasten one end of a cargo cable. The network is laid out neatly, and to the second end of the cord tie a load. This end is cast into the pond, he drags the entire network. Keep in mind, this method is not completely reliable, the network can get confused and have to start over, scattering all the fish.
Most often networks are boats or other watercraft. It is convenient to arrange the network together, for example, one man rowing with oars, and the second network slowly bleeds into the water.
Network set even in winter, under the ice, but it is quite time consuming. On the ice on one line cut two holes at a distance of approximately 2-3 m from each other. Then with boat hook and a pole with a rope between the holes in the ice pull the rope. Tie the rope to the chain and also pull it under the ice. This method is especially suitable for first ice.
Don't forget that in some regions of our country fishing nets requires permission or license.

Advice 2: How to put a network

Fishing is one of the most common Hobbies. However, before they fished not only for enjoyment and leisure, and for food. And if you want to fish, as our ancestors - with the help of networking, then this information is for you.
Go fish!
You will need
  • - license for fishing nets
  • a good fish pond
  • boat (in some cases)
  • - rubberized suit (in some cases)
  • network
Network is one of the oldest inventions of mankind. Due to the species diversity of fish there are many types of networks and ways of their installation. The network can be located at the bottom (bottom), at depths in the water column and at the surface, along or at an angle to the line of the bottom. The network can be secured with anchors, (such networks are called stationary) and the other kind of networking - smooth, drifting. The first step is to choose the type of networks.
The second step is we need to decide what kind of network we need to deliver. For this we need to solve:

what kind of fish we want to catch;

- what size is the inlet where we plan to install a network;

how deep will be the site of performances of the network;

to determine the elevation of the reservoir bottom.
Then determine the characteristics of the network: length, height, mesh size, filament diameter. Length and height - the value is clear. But the mesh size depends upon the fish in the pond there. Fine-meshed network (a network with a mesh of less than 20 mm) are used to catch valuable small fish, or for catching a large number of baitfish.
The most common mesh in Russia 27-32 mm. Often in such networks caught perch, roach, sometimes a small pike. If the mesh is medium in size, it will produce carp and skimmers.

Well, for the larger fish need a coarse network, with the step of 120-140 mm.
Normally the network is installed with boats and other watercraft. Put the network as one (first rows, then straightens tackle) or together (single oars, the second directly sets the network).

If the pond that you come to go fishing, you can try to put szabadka. However, in this case you will need additional equipment in the form of high wading boots (saratnikov), or a rubberized suit-jumpsuit.
You can put the network and one. Gently spread out the net on the shore, fasten one end of the network on the shore, and to the other end tie a heavy load. Then the cargo is carried into the pond, pulling over a network. Way is not convenient and unreliable, the upper and lower cords can easily overlap, and have to pull in the net and do it all over again, frightening the fish by the splash of the goods.
Ways of setting the network listed, select, and fishing.
Before you go fishing using nets, please specify fishing Regulations of your region article concerning fishing network tools.
Remember to put the fishing net only in places where it is permitted by law. And must be licensed to catch fish with nets.
Useful advice
Store network at home and not go fishing without permit. Because even dry network lying in the trunk of a car, standing on the shore, is equivalent to put in a pond.

Advice 3: How to put the network in the winter

Winter fishing is very popular. To catch fish under the ice using a fishing rod may even a beginner, but in order to catch the winter fish nets, you need to have experience and know some tricks.
How to put the network in the winter
Network setup under the ice - activity complex and laborious. To start a successfully you need to cut down in the ice lane. Then it along the line to make holes (the optimal distance from one hole to another 2-3 meters).
After that, the lane descends a pole with a rope. The pole should be longer than the distance between the holes is not less than 50 centimetres.
Then with boat hook, rope weed out from one hole to another. After that, the rope tied to the top of the exaction and extend the network under the ice.
Note that during the installation of networks in shallow water we cannot allow the filler cord was near the bottom of the ice or touched it. This is necessary in order to tackle not frozen into the ice column, as in the frost growth of ice may be about 10 centimeters per day.
If you fish on the river, it is possible to do without drilling holes, and use for pulling network over. At the end of the network, you must bind the buoy Styrofoam or empty plastic bottle. This method is very convenient if the ice on the river had recently risen. Then through his column you'll see the movement of its displacer.
Also for pulling nets under the ice you can use a special "torpedo" that are sold specifically for this purpose in fishing stores.
If you are going to catch fish network in winter, it must be remembered that by mid-winter most of the fish goes with the flow in the backwater and pits.
Going fishing in winter, be especially careful. If you are not sure of the strength of the ice or see the ravine, he fishing should be abandoned. You should also carefully monitor their well-being - fishing with nets lesson is long, so it's important to take care of warm clothes and shoes, as well as hot tea in a thermos.
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