The walls of the hospital behind, I think it's terrible stayed there. The long-awaited native sweet baby snuffle on his hands and spends the whole day sleeping. But suddenly he begins to cry and squirm. That violates his sweet dream? The doctors say that nothing is ordinary colic, three months later they will pass by themselves, but in the meantime will have to be patient and wait out this bad period.

In the first days and months of life the baby's gut starts to be populated by flora, and due to global restructuring of the digestive system does not digest even mother's breast milk. How to help your child through this difficult period.

Proper nutrition nursing mothers

Moms should try and bring their food in comfortable for the baby. They are contraindicated in many products: cow's fat milk, legumes, cabbage, cucumbers, prunes and dried apricots, nuts, as their digestion requires special enzymes, and the intestine of the baby they are very few. But even eating right mother often helps the baby get rid of colic.

Heat on the tummy

The cramps don't like heat, so keep always ready with a warm blanket, you can quickly heat it with an iron, but be careful not to burn the baby! Folded it and attached to the belly chips, it is possible to relieve the pain and thus survive the attack. Suit and bathing in a warm bath with chamomile.

Medicine for kids

Helps to get rid of colic dill water, it is possible to prepare yourself. A teaspoon of fennel seeds pour a glass of boiling water and insist in a warm place for 20 minutes. After that, strain and drink little during the day. Dill water is sold in pharmacies, where you can also buy tea with chamomile and fennel, they are specially designed for newborns. Modern medicines from colic "Espumizan" and "Plantex". Some parents admire them, while others believe that the effect is not.

Charging for the baby

Feeding a child, you need to hold him a "soldier" within a few minutes. The air, which swallowed the child during feeding, in such a position quickly will find a way. You can put the baby on his tummy or doing the stroking motion in a clockwise direction in the abdomen. Special skills are not necessary, and the effect is very noticeable. Massaging the child should be gently smiling at him and talking to distract from unpleasant feelings. Some moms put on a tummy of the child the ball and rolled it back and forth. With the help active movements of the intestines the child out excess gases that cause colic.

Suggest Granny

Earlier when medicines were not any, mom wound to match the fleece (now you can use a cotton swab) moistened them in liquid paraffin or liquid soap and introduced into the anus of the child. Gases are quickly moved away and the baby calmed down. This procedure is done several times a day. But an enema is better not to get involved. In order for the body of a newborn by yourself adapted to the new environment, it takes time. The suffering of the baby for 3-4 months can not be avoided, but to facilitate them.