The first thing to take into account the General rules of nutrition of patients with diabetes: take food rich in fiber (wholemeal bread, beans, rice, fruits and vegetables) eliminate foods with high sugar content (cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, jam, chocolate, sweet drinks etc), to minimize the intake of fatty and fried foods, limit the amount of salts and plant foods containing starch (potatoes, carrots, bananas). However on the festive table a diabetic, you can submit the entire set of dishes that are included in a typical meal: salad, soup, main dish, side dish, dessert. Patients with diabetes are advised to begin the meal with salad from fresh vegetables: cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, zucchini, radishes, Jerusalem artichokes. As a dressing suitable low-fat natural yoghurt, sour cream with fat content of 10-15%, or lemon juice. Soups for diabetics brewed on the secondary broth from lean meats, poultry or fish, mushroom or vegetable broth. Festive version of the first meals can be a cream soup or puree, gazpacho, rice noodles, and even Solyanka, prepared in compliance with the dietary requirements. As the hot meals diabetes serving of lean beef or veal, fish (perch, carp, pike, cod), Turkey, chicken breast without skin, rabbit meat, steamed, baked in the oven or on the grill, but in any case not fried. For garnish is good to use fresh, boiled or baked vegetables, and sometimes you can afford and a small amount of pasta, cereals or potatoes. For dessert, the best way to get sour and sour-sweet fruits and berries (apples, peaches, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, cranberries, red currants, cherries), nuts, prunes. Combined with yogurt, cottage cheese or sour cream can be prepared from these ingredients salads, jellies, mousses. Tea may be a baking with Splenda, contains no fat and is implicated in the rye, corn or buckwheat flour. In addition, for the festive table, you can buy ready-made sweets. In the departments of diabetic food presents a wide range of confectionery and drinks with various sweeteners. However, choosing a particular product, it is important to examine its composition on the label, as in diabetes, for example, not every sweetener. In particular, you cannot use fructose as it quickly increases the level of blood glucose, xylitol and sorbitol allowed only when compensation of diabetes, and cyclamate is not suitable for people with kidney failure. Of the safest sugar substitutes can distinguish saccharin, aspartame, stevioside. These sweeteners can be added to tea, fruit drinks and desserts. A separate discussion deserves the alcohol. Maximum dose of alcohol, which can afford a diabetic, should not exceed 250 ml of dry wine or 100 ml of spirits (vodka, cognac, etc.). Beer and wine containing sugar, should be deleted. The most important rule of drinking with diabetes – do not drink on an empty stomach. If the beginning of the Banquet for any reason is delayed, you can drink a little freshly squeezed and diluted with water of fruit juice (Apple, orange, pomegranate). During the festive meal, and after it is necessary to control the blood sugar level, if necessary, to take measures and prevent the onset of hypoglycemia.