The effect is stunning


A friend in my birthday bought me a massage lpg, reviews I had heard only good things, but now really sure what effect this procedure. I'm a girl not very graceful, but never suffered from complexes. After the massage decided to lose weight, as they saw themselves quite different, much better. Believe that a few procedures, I will change.

LPG cellulite massage


LPG massage helps with cellulite, improves skin condition. After treatment in the whole body felt a pleasant lightness. To do massage you need in a special suit that there was no bruising. The procedure is, in principle, painless, but a lot depends on the person making it. Massage should be done with the course, as one or two procedures will have no effect. Yes, and without compliance with sparing diet can not do, fitness or just gymnastics – the beauty demands victims. There are contraindications for this massage. LPG can massage on the face to do, but I have not tried.

LPG in the abdomen


Do yourself LPG massage in the abdomen and waist to reduce. The session lasts a little more than 35 minutes, the feeling, I would even say, enjoyable. Well, at least unlike vacuum massage. Made 9 of 18 procedures, the waist has decreased in volume by 4 cm, very satisfied. By the way, combine a massage course with proper nutrition - eliminated fatty foods.

Great result


Read a lot about LPG-massage, but the price scared, and I hesitated. Heavily involved in sports, but nothing helped. And I took it. I learned about the system of discounts, and signed up for 5 sessions. Sports did not give up, and after the 3 massage the skin became smooth. After 5 sessions I decided on 5. The result is excellent. In combination with sport and diet LPG-massage is a great helper in the fight against cellulite.

Lpg massage on hips


A friend advised me to massage lpg on the thighs to reduce cellulite. Procedure 2 times a week for two months. The effect of love, did half of the course, the result: minus one size, the skin on the thighs is visibly smoother. The price of LPG massage is much higher than the same types of massage, but the result is worth it. Will continue the course to the end.

Massage LPG and cellulite


Try the new French massage apparatus LPG, and were very pleased. Did on the buttocks and thighs to reduce cellulite. The rollers travel painlessly through the body. Before cautiously doing anti-cellulite massage apparatus, as they have a tendency to varicose veins. As for LPG varices is not a contraindication. Did 10 sessions - twice a week, the same amount remained. The result is already visible - the orange peel much less.

New massage for body shaping


Before correction fikry I did vacuum massage - mainly in the area of the internal surface of hips and breeches. Recently on the advice of friend I tried to make lpg-massage. The procedure is less painful than the vacuum, after which often had bruises, although much more expensive. Make the massage a little more than half an hour, unpleasant sensation not felt. Lost over 10 procedures in 1 size, I will not stop there!

Miracle massage


lpg massage is probably the most effective method of combating cellulite. I tried wraps, creams, massages at home, I did not help anything. And recently my friend advised me this massage. You will not believe it, but after 5 sessions have already been visible results. The skin was smooth. Of course, cellulite has not completely disappeared, but the main thing is not to stop there.

Get a massage for the hips


Well, stellulata,I think, not only I have problems. So, I decided a little thigh in order to bring, and in the summer all once was. Signed up for the LPG-massage. Every year I go to it: simple and the effect is noticeable. Lie, legs raised, as when charging, and you thighs such a special thing to drive. If it becomes painful, tell the masseuse. It there reduces something and lie down again - enjoy. I advise everyone!