My favorite bread


I have a bread maker Panasonic. A blonde, beautiful. Use for six months. She has 22 programs baking and even jam, you can cook. Jam in hlebopechke is something! )) I like to bake bread with a crispy crust and timer function. Of course, when the house is empty, I included the stove do not leave, I'm afraid. But on ordinary days when the husband works at home, always put a timer when is the work going. For dinner he always have fresh bread. Much of the bread machine it can get))

My mini bakery


On the Day of birth received a gift from her husband, the bread maker. Inexpensive, the simplest model, but with 12 modes of baking. Tried French bread oven, barn, following the instructions. Still found a lot of recipes on the Internet. Add in baking mix mnogoseriynoye, buy them in hypermarkets. The market can buy many types of cereals and try your recipes. Now we have our own mini-bakery and always fresh and healthy bread!

My homemade cakes


When my husband brought home a bread machine, I scolded him: another waste of money. But try the first baked bread,was pleasantly surprised, it was very different from the store: it was hot,flavorful and frothy.For a year we don't buy bread, bake your own - cheaper, tastier and healthier. And at Easter we have a cake from the bread machine with butter,nuts and raisins - delicious!

Always fresh bread


I bought a bread machine here. Not even going, just at a discount were sold. Now Narada. Products threw, the timer is set and free. How many types of bread to bake you can: with spices, onions, garlic, cheese, meat and a whole bunch of things! And son with strawberry and banana like. And I'm still muffins and scones oven tried!

Renewable traditions bakery


My husband hails from a village and his childhood familiar morning aroma of bread straight from the hot oven. Now our children are not deprived of this joy because we bought a bread machine and it fundamentally changed the approach to flour in our family. When I bake a loaf or cake, I really put health care and the welfare of loved ones. Probably so, since acquiring a bread machine was not the problem of the emergence of stale bread, as every last crumb is swept away instantly.

Bread maker review


The bread maker gave us friends. I must say, I love it! 12 programs that feature crisp , add grain, dried fruit and more are countless advantages! But the main, of course, is the naturalness of the produced bread. Now the son takes to school your freshly baked bread for sandwiches! Husband is also happy. By the way, Easter baked cake is turned out simply stunning, in the store this not buy!

Bread is the staff of life


My kitchen was troubled by the paradox - like pastries and dough (especially yeast) can't stand the mess. I bought a bread maker, not worried now - the dough is kneaded, and our family can only admire the splendor of baking and her beautiful crust. Bread with store-bought can not compare, add seeds, nuts, cumin, dried fruits interesting turns. Also liked to put in the bread machine cupcake for the night, an hour before lifting the timer starts and the family wakes up from the holiday smell of baking.

Miracle oven


For a long time in my life there was a unique miracle oven called bread.I was, frankly, laziness long to knead the dough. After purchasing this machine I'm happy to bake not just cakes, muffins, make dough for dumplings, but also daily bake regular bread. He is wonderful on the palate, with a crispy crust. I want to give advice to all beginners - very strictly observe the proportions of the ingredients required for the manufacture of baking in the bread maker and the success is guaranteed.

Bread maker helper in the kitchen

Smooth Elena

In our holiday village there is no shop, so I understand I need a bread maker, read reviews, and finally decided to purchase. The first time the bread was unsuccessful, as it turned out, summed up the yeast. The second time was more successful, the bread gets browned and delicious. Now don't go to the village shop a few kilometers. And this summer I want to try to make jam in the bread maker is said to be very tasty.