The company offers services to interactive TV, doing everything to make the user feel the advantages of new technologies that combine the capabilities of digital television and the Internet. Viewers can choose the time of watching the television, freeze frame, repeat any fragments, to eliminate advertising, etc. Some companies process data about the preferences of each customer and conclude what items he wasn't interested. In the end, advertising is targeted precisely to that group of potential buyers, which refuses to view commercials on certain topics.

Users can take part in a television show just like the audience in the Studio. Gamblers indulge in a favorite Vice in online casinos. Sports fans can bet on the outcome of matches in online mode.

Become very popular educational multimedia program. With interactive TV you can arrange a teleconference, to access the library archives, databases, etc. While viewing any telecast, the audience has the opportunity to request additional information relevant to her topic.

For interactive video the necessary transmission lines with a capacity of at least 6 Mbps for each client and rather expensive servers. Their price is determined by the cost of network interfaces and hard disks to store huge amounts of information. However, the more people connected, the less for each of them the price of the service because total costs are allocated to all users. With the development of digital technology, the cost of equipment will decrease, and, accordingly, interactive television will become available to everyone.