Each prospective tenant of an apartment in Moscow is looking for housing on their own criteria. For many, the main criterion – the price. Among other factors, the primary role played by the environment, social environment, infrastructure and proximity to place of work. There are many subjective parameters taken into account is removed.

But still a determining factor in the decision to remove or not to remove a particular apartment is the price. Affordable housing is typically located in the new districts of Moscow. Of the oldest neighborhoods in low prices differ Marino, Bratislava, Novokosino, Peredelkino, Kurkino, Solntsevo, Kapotnya, Biryulyovo, southern Butovo.

Another category of tenants, mostly consisting of people family, focuses on the infrastructure of the area, availability of outlets and shops, pharmacies, schools, kindergartens, pay attention to recreational areas, the type and age of the house. Their best areas are all other, located in the southwestern, Western and North-Western Autonomous districts. In addition, rental housing in these places have a good ratio of price and quality.

The most expensive in Moscow, housing is rented in the area Ostozhenka, Chistye Prudy, Arbat, Zamoskvorechye and Tverskoy district. Almost all surrendering apartments have upmarket finishes and appliances premium-class. A little more cheap apartments belonging to the center of Moscow, you can rent in the metro area "Bauman" and "Sukharevskaya". They have kept the spirit of old Moscow and have a well-developed infrastructure.

When choosing a place to rent an apartment, always keep in mind that the quality of the district – a very relative term. For all evaluation criteria your. But time does not stand still, and in a year or two, some areas will become better, others worse. Example: the construction of the fourth transport ring can improve some parameters of the adjacent areas and significantly worsen others, particularly environmental.