You will need
  • rod;
  • fishing line;
  • - hooks;
  • - sinker;
  • bait;
  • the depth sounder.
Decide how you will catch sturgeon. There are two main ways - from shore and from a boat. The chosen method depends on what gear and bait to choose. Please note that you will need to take care of quality rods - one that does not break under the weight of a sturgeon. Better to do it custom, or purchased in store from a trusted manufacturer. If catch from the shore, the rod length should not be less than four metres better than six. If you are fishing from a boat or from the boat, use short spinning.
Prepare a variety of bait. Sturgeon feeds on fish loves earthworms, they can stick several pieces. Some fishermen use as bait meat from the backbone of a herring, trout or salmon, or whole capelin, tied to the hook with thread or fishing line. Original version - preserves of fish from the store, for example, a roll of salted herring or salmon fillet. As an alternative to fish and worms, you can take the carcass of the squid or shrimps medium size or Royal. If you decide to try out the worm, then take not one but a bundle and place them in the mesh. Lone worm, most likely, large sturgeon just will not notice, and your bait caught some small fish.
Choosing gear for catching sturgeon, remember, that the line should be thin, and the hook is very sharp. It is better to tie the two hooks together and leave them exposed forearm. If your region has restriction on fishing of sturgeon in weight and size, select barbless hooks. Then it will be easier to remove too small or too large sturgeon with the hook (usually with a big fish before its release, the fishermen photographed for memory).
If you fish from the shore, change the place of its location every half hour. It is also recommended to try for one fishing several different types of bait. As a rule, the sturgeon - the fish are lazy, if not the time of spawning, it prefers to stand at the depth in the pits, waiting for prey she will come to him. Fishing from the boat or boats will use sonar.
Sturgeon bite very sharply, but before that, he slightly tries the bait, so if at first there is a barely perceptible rocking of the fishing line, and then a powerful spurt - most likely you caught that fish you've been waiting for. Start hooking sturgeon, dropping the line straight down perpendicularly. Wait a while, until the powerful spurts. Now start slowly and safely raise the line. If the air sturgeon does "candle", try to grab hold of his tail and either get her in the boat, or out on the Bank.