The most common and simple way of reading in 1976 will sound "(the year) nineteen seventy-six. Unlike the Russian language, the word "year" is always before the number.
It is much harder to read "1904". Here you need to pay special attention to the correct reading of the numbers "0" – "Oh" ("Oh" is read as "OU"). In this case, the correct pronunciation is "nineteen oh four".
1900 correctly be read as "nineteen hundred". For example, "It was founded in nineteen hundred".
2000 - "year two thousand", 1000 – on the same principle, "year one thousand".
2001 correct to read - "two thousand and one". It is very important not to forget about the word "and" (it is used only in the English version). Further to 2009 inclusive year are read according to this rule: 2004 - "two thosand and four", 2006 - "two thousand and six", 2008 - "two thousand and eight", 2009 - "two thousand and nine".
How to correctly pronounce the year starting with 2010 year, and I bet the British themselves. About 45% of the population of this country believes that the correct option which will settle in the future, as the rule is "twenty ten", "twenty eleven," etc.; the rest made their choice in favor of this method of reading - "two thousand and ten".