You will need
  • - gym membership;
  • - table calorie foods.
Exercise. Fall and winter sports not only a good way to keep yourself in shape, but also a great remedy for the winter Blues. During physical activity increases the level of endorphins – hormones of joy. In addition, winter sports (skiing, skating, sleigh) – a great excuse to spend more time outdoors and in the sun. But without sunlight the human body can not produce vitamin D, deficiency of which leads to very unpleasant consequences.
Reduce the calorie content of foods. Give up sandwiches, sweet and fat or reduce these foods in your diet to a minimum. Eat often, but little by little, without forcing yourself to starve, and then like a wolf to pounce on food. Do not stretch the stomach.
Sleep more. As mentioned Athos and his servant Grimaud, complaining of hunger: "he Who sleeps eats". In sleep you do not chew, besides lack of sleep may trigger increased appetite.
Ayurveda recommends for autumn and winter cooking with a lot of "hot" spices: ginger, pepper, garlic, Basil, cloves, coriander. Also, experts of this ancient science are offered in the winter more often to include in your diet whole grains, steam vegetables, sour fruits and dried fruits. In addition, Ayurveda advises to eat all the dishes are only warm, not hot or ice cold.