Carefully read the theme of his speech. Take four sheets of paper and label them: "What do you say definitely?", "What else would be useful to say?", "What we can mention in passing?", "What should I be silent?". All the thoughts that come to mind about the upcoming speech, to attach to one of the categories. This will help you to structure all the content and choose the most interesting facts for the introduction.
Define goals and objectives. Clearly the answer to themselves the questions: "What do I want to receive result of performance?", "How to understand that the goal is achieved?", "How quickly the target should be achieved?".
Examine the audience. It is impossible to succeed without understanding who sits in the hall and listens to your speech. The smaller the audience, the more needs to be information about her. Important: the composition, competence, interests and needs, relevant to you, questions that may be asked.
Prepare visual materials and equipment with which you will start to show. Take your time, check all plugs, extension cords and compatibility of different devices. There is nothing more destructive to a successful performance than a hassle in the beginning.
Prepare the performance venue, take care of clean drinking water. Think in advance of its appearance. Think of your audience, you need to inspire confidence and a sense of "their man", not saying a word.
The plot is very important. It must be such that the audience wanted certainly to see out the end of your speech.
Say Hello to the audience, who are you again and why stand in front of them. Immediately let, at what time do you intend to occupy the attention of the public. This will allow the audience to relax.
To capture attention, there are several ways. Joked commensurate with the time and prepare in advance a joke. No surprises.
Surprise. This lead to the beginning of the speech paradox and explain how it relates to the topic of your speech.
Scare. Describe the situation and problems that threaten humanity, and then a casual reception as you can save the world with the help of a product about which you are going to tell.
Make time to think. Ask the audience some questions, ask them to answer them, and record these questions on the Board. Then proceed to the answers to questions yourself. During the speech several times compare his statement with the opinion of the people from the audience.
Don't be afraid of excitement. Before the performance of them jitters feel even the actors-professionals. But they know how to handle it.
Stop shaking hands, strongly gripping the thumb and index finger on both hands alternately.
If the fear of the performance ofm comes to the state of panic, try twenty-five times to grab your nose, alternating right and left hand. The effect is guaranteed for the next 25-30 minutes. Of course, doing it behind the scenes.