In the Czech Republic set a sign marking the geographical center of Europe, so the climate in Prague is no different from the rest of the countries located in the neighborhood. If to compare with Moscow, the air temperature in Prague will be 5-7 degrees higher when you arrive in autumn or spring. Summer and winter in this city is also softer than in our capital. However, the natural disasters of recent years are not allowed to say anything for sure, so before you go check with the weather forecast.
In winter the trip is not worth taking the heavy warm coats and coats – the best option is to wear sport style, for example, puff and jeans. To freeze, walking through Prague, is simply unrealistic – at every corner you will meet a small and very cozy restaurants and bars where you can always warm up. Feet take winter shoes or boots with low heels, a low, comfortable wedge heels.
In General, the sporty style will be appropriate in Prague at any time of the year. Arriving in the city center, Prague 1, you will never want to sit down on any transport – Central to the need to move only on foot, so as not to pass any of the attractions. Do not deprive yourself of this pleasure – walking in old Prague, and take care of comfortable shoes. In the spring, summer and autumn are again useful sneakers or comfortable shoes with low heels – in fact all the streets in the center are paved with cobblestones and heels you will not go far.
Jeans and sweatpants will also be relevant all year round, but if you go in the summer – why not show off in a light colored dress, a beautiful dress? By the way, consider that you will want to visit the show or go to a concert. Prague – not only the geographical center, but the center for the arts. Bring clothes in which you go to the theater or to the restaurant tonight. And it is here that you will not interfere, and stiletto heel.
Even if you go in the summer, and the climate is hot, bring a light jacket in case of rain. It will come in handy on trips to the surrounding castles, they are located in the forest and there can be cooler than in the city.