You will need
  • - special program for editing the game installed on the computer.
Download to your computer a special program to edit the appearance of your character. Open the game Dragon Age: Origins. Create a new (!) hero with the appearance that you want to see on the character. Save the created hero.
Unzip and double-click on the file it contains .exe. After opening the program you will see a window where you are prompted to replace one character (at the top) to the other (bottom). Select in top line the last save of the character you are changing, and below — a previously saved hero. This way you will be able to change your character's appearance.
Download Dragon Age Toolset is a special utility to work with game resources. First start the game, create again, a new character with the desired appearance and start the game. Save. Close the game and open the Toolset.
In the Toolset, open the save that you made a new character. The path should look like BioWareDragon AgeCharacters (usually the folder is on a hard drive or in "My documents"). Self preservation is named savegame.das.
Find out in the open in the Toolset file the second line (SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR). Open the directory and find the line SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR_CHAR. Next open another directory and find the line SAVEGAME_PLAYER_MORPH. Then right-click the row and select Copy.
On the same lines, open the old save of the character you want to change your appearance. Be careful, as you will open two save files. Remove the line SAVEGAME_PLAYER_MORPH. Go back to the top. Select SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR_CHAR, right click mouse and click "Paste". In the directory appear previously copied appearance (SAVEGAME_PLAYER_MORPH). Save the file and go to the game.
Open the folder Toolset. Click the File tab and click Manage Modules. Next, open a Single Player. Go to the File tab, then New, and finally click on Morph. Create a character of different variations. Save The Morph.
Click on the file, right-click and select the appropriate option to send in your Local. The file exported to BioWareDragon Agepackagescoreoverride oolsetexport XXX.mor, where XXX is the file name. Open the save with the extension .das folder BioWareDragon AgeCharacters.
Expand the SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR catalog → SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR_CHAR → SAVEGAME_APPEARANCE and put the file XXX.mor in line SAVEGAME_APPEARANCE_MORPH_NAME. Save the file. Delete the Single Player folder with all its contents in BiowareDragon AgemodulesSingle Player. Enjoy the game.