You will need
  • - clay;
  • - the mouse pad;
  • wooden cube/tube;
  • - eraser;
  • - vegetables;
  • - the knife.
For the manufacture of a simple stamp you will need clay. Make it a "sausage", of which lay out the desired inscription or drawing on top lightly press the craft paper to the surface of the stamp was flat. Put the plasticine in the fridge for 15-30 minutes. When it freezes, the stamp can be used. On the same principle you can make a stamp out of polymer clay – it will be more durable.
Sleek designs and simple font can make from a piece of old linoleum or mouse pad. Cut from the material of the desired character and stick it on the cube from the children's designer. Small stamp can be pasted on the cork from the wine. Pre-layer tube need to be trimmed so that it was perfectly smooth, otherwise the image will be displayed uneven.
Great material for homemade stamps can be called an eraser. It is advisable to use mild, this may be easier to cut out difficult images. First make on the surface of the eraser sketch with a pencil or pen. Then cut the eraser layer outside the outline of the drawing. The print surface must be above the rest approximately 5 mm. For cutting, use a utility knife and knife for artwork with a narrow blade. Below the image is careful, work slowly, cutting the eraser into small pieces.
It is not necessary to come up with the drawings for the stamps themselves. You can use what is already created by nature. Great stamps out of halved fruits and vegetables. Halve cabbage and Brussels sprouts, do half broccoli and onions, radishes and pear. These impromptu dip stamps into paint and make a print. You have an unusual abstract pattern. Using these stamps you can create pictures not only on paper but also on fabric.