Please contact your veterinarian. About a month before mating a bitch pug to get rid of worms or a course of prevention of invasion. It is desirable to normalize the dog's weight, which is often excessive. The breeding cycle of the animal contained in good conditions, occurs every 8-9 months. The first heat comes at the age from 6 to 10 months, but mopsika not yet physically ready to bear a full litter. Limit bitch from contact with males for this period. Binding plan for the next cycles.
Follow the dog, it is important not to miss the beginning of estrus. The dog changed the procedure of urination, it is becoming more frequent. Mopsika begins to lick the loop constantly, even after eating. To it beginning to reach males, but she pushes them away and behaving aggressively. Look at the color selections, if they become pale and meagre what is happening on 10-13 day since the beginning of estrus, you can start binding.
Don't rush pugs, give them some privacy. The period of necessary advances, it creates a physiological craving. The dog sniffs opciju, so he receives a signal about the readiness for mating. The time of mating is 20 minutes later, fertilization is almost always successful the first time. During mating the male is active, the bitch is tight.
Spend the binding of pugs on a table or other elevated place. Hold opciju shoulders from the side of the head. You would prefer to stand aside if the pug inexperienced - will be able to help him. Place one hand under the dog's belly, between the hind legs. The index and middle finger "open" loop, so you can help the dog to get into the vagina, then push pug to each other. You can control the castle during the frictions.
Watch the Pets. Dogs do not always behave peacefully, sometimes temperamental pugs. In this case, give him time to rest. Conversely, if the dog is slow, make that bitch out, then re-enter it to the room. Can raise opciju for a few minutes on the dog, to provoke him to contact, he'll stand on his hind legs and tries to get it. After this procedure, the male, as a rule, successfully making your batch. Spoiled mopsy bind in the absence of the owner.