Make the firmware the phone in the service center. This will help to avoid further inconvenience.
Find out how you can download games to your phone. Some Chinese manufacturers Nokia used to download information the installation of special software or it support copying directly to the SD card of the phone.
After you install the program to synchronize your phone with your computer, which can be easily downloaded from the Internet. Find it on the menu. Wait for installation to finish. Make sure that the software works on your phone.
Find out what format of games is supported by your phone. If Chinese Nokia supports Java games can be installed without problems. Download the game with a window size of 320x240. Connect your phone to the computer via a modem or a headset. Then upload to any folder in phone game the specified format .jar. Disconnect your phone and locate the file. Install the game.
If the screen displays "Not supported", the phone can work with the material in the MRP format. First, download the archive with the games of this format. Connect your Nokia to the computer as a USB flash drive or insert it into your computer the memory card of the phone.
Create a folder called mythroad if its not on the menu. Transfer the downloaded files from the archive into this folder. Disconnect the connection from the computer.
Please, dial the combination *#220807# "call". The display will show a list of the contents of the folder mythroad. Select the desired game. Next, click the first row in the menu, thereby activating the desired file.
Use another option-download on games by changing the folder name mythroad on MulGame or @downdata@mr. Is the code *#220807#, you can use *#777755999#. In any case, the phone will need to put in the SIM card.