Make a reconciliation report with the buyer in the prescribed form. The document must be signed by both parties.
Arrange with a counterparty, termination of the contract, amounting to the supplementary agreement thereto, if the contract provides for this method of termination. If it includes a provision allowing it to terminate in certain cases unilaterally, it is necessary to design a written warning.
If the contract is terminated at the initiative of the buyer, demand from him a letter containing a request to return the listed advance payment.
If the contract is terminated at the initiative of the seller, make and send to the buyer a letter of intent to terminate the contract by agreement of the parties or a notice of refusal from the contract. Attach to the document signed, the reconciliation act of accounts. Wait for the buyer a written response in which he should Express his consent to the termination of the contract.
Decorate and make a refund to the buyer. In this case the payment order should be entered in the appropriate field of the payment purpose: "the return of the advance payment under the contract." Register exhibited when receiving the advance payment invoice in the purchase Ledger.
Make in accounting required Postings: the Debit of account 62 (the subaccount "advance payments received"), the Credit of account 51 "Settlement account" - the account of the refund to the buyer;- the Debit of account 68 (the subaccount "Calculations under the VAT") Credit of account 62 (the subaccount "advance payments received") - deducted VATpaid to the budget with an advance on a delivery.
For a refund of VAT from the listed advance just reflect in the financial statements for the quarter in section 3 of the Declaration on this tax the amount of the advance and accrued VAT on a line 070, and the line 130 enter the amount of deductible tax saswata.