Advice 1: How to fix electronic scales

Today, electronic scales are widely used for measuring the amount of ingredients in the manufacture of various dishes (table), measurements of body weight (outdoor). But, unfortunately, any electronics breaks sooner or later. By following some recommendations, the scales can be repaired independently.
How to fix electronic scales
First check the suitability of the power supply components of electronic scales. To do this, carefully remove the weights case. Remove the batteries, check their work on another electronic device (obviously working). If it is in a dead battery, just replace them with new ones.
Look at the ribbon cable that connects the fee scales and the display. He may loosely join them, which is the cause malfunction of the device. You need to raise the fee and press it firmly to the display. To do this, take a small wooden block, place it between the motherboard and the bottom case.
Please note to contact the ends of the scales, (pressing on them) tightly adjoin special legs weights. From the frequent use of metal contacts can shrink and scale will generate an error. Find the right size relay, replace it contacts, then attach them to the wires (better than solder).
Clean electronic scales. Gently remove the particles of food in the kitchen scales or the dust on the floor, trapped inside in the process. Wipe the scale dry with a towel, if accidentally they hit the water. It is likely that this was the cause of the failure. Keep in mind that electronic scales show inaccurate weight, if weighing value exceeds the norm.
Calibrate the balance. To do this, press the button and hold until until the display appears CAL (over 30 seconds). It should then display the digital value of the mass, which will be calibrated. As a reference, you can use any object, which specified the exact weight. After a few seconds the display will show the word PASS. The calibration has been completed. Remove the display and turn off the scale. If the calibration fails, the message will appear to FAIL. Retry the operation.

Advice 2 : How to fix a bread machine? The most frequent malfunction

Electrical appliances tend to break down. The reason for this may be: improper use, power surges, long term use of the apparatus, the wear mechanisms of the marriage.
You need to take care appliances

To view the application instructions

Bread is the first assistant in the kitchen. It is difficult to do without it when you are already used to fresh homemade bread. If the technology turned out to have some disadvantages, then you can try to fix them yourself. To do this, follow the instructions that came with any appliances. It is made by the specialists of the company, which manufactures these products. The cause of failure may be hiding in banal things: broken cord, the absence or deterioration of the power source. You should read the manual, to find in it a similar case of a malfunction and how to fix it.
Appliances can fail at any time, even if you operate it according to the rules.

Frequent breakdowns

The most common fault the bread machine - failure of mechanism that turns the bowl. Bowl is scrolled or the wax doesn't spin. This indicates a breakage of the mechanism of the kneader. Probably the reason lies in the relay, which connects with the motor. You will need to disassemble the unit and inspect all parts. The woman here alone is unlikely to cope, it is better to trust everything to the man who at least knows a bit about mechanics. Inspect the contact wire, which can move or burn. If failed item, then it is replaced.
It can snap cap apparatus that is closed tightly or loosely.

Service center

To break can the temperature sensor. In this case, the bread starts to burn or not baked through. Customers also complained about the squeak, which occurs when the machine is running, or water leakage through the gasket of the mixer. It is best to trust the appliance repair experts service centers. They have a large experience with the technique, they can have external signs to identify the cause of failure and quickly to resolve it. Besides, you do not need to run to the shops in search of parts to replace, not be wasted time and nerves. Everyone needs to do their job. Sometimes the initiative may result in damage to equipment without the possibility of recovery. Though repairs and maintenance are not cheap. It is easier to buy a new machine than to repair old. And the guarantee that after repair it will work long and regularly, no one will.

Do not forget about the warranty certificate issued upon purchase. If your appliances still on warranty, the repair will be free. Otherwise, you need to contact the appliance repair trade mark of the manufacturer of the bread machine.
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