Don't wait when you finish Institute, will have a family, earn money, buy a house, defend your dissertation, you will win the lottery and Be happy right now. First it would be scary, because a happy person can be jealous, sometimes to condemn, in a difficult moment can not come to help. The stereotype is to sympathize with the patient and the poor exist, but to enjoy other people's happiness know how many. Cast out doubt.
Be happy every day - so enjoy all that you have and not worry about what did not happen. How to learn to continually experience positive emotions? Learn how to Express them. Psychologists say that emotions are closely related to their external manifestation. Straighten your shoulders and smile, soon you will feel improving mood. Try to control your emotions constantly in any negative situation, you will find a positive aspect. Expelled from the Institute - so lucky, avoid the mistakes in choosing a profession. Fired - a chance to find something for everyone and with a large income. Broke up with your partner - there will be a new life without quarrels and humiliations.
Look for the little joys of life everywhere. Look at children - how little they need for happiness. Imagine yourself as a child traveling on a hot summer day on the field of flowers. You run, not looking back and not knowing what lies ahead. You don't care about career, income, or family situation. You're just happy because you are. Catch this feeling and return to it every time in life, crap happens.
Remember that being happy is the goal. And how to achieve any other purpose, it is necessary to see and know what constitutes your happiness. Make a list of - Affairs, events, and thoughts that will lead you to the goal. You may have to completely change your lifestyle and abandon some uninteresting cases. Don't be afraid to start your journey, first in small steps, but steadily and relentlessly go after your goals.
Be thankful. Yourself for what you have accomplished. Other people for what they did or did not do for you. For what you have, and what is not and you can still achieve. For the life lessons it teaches you, often under the guise of trials and troubles. Looking for reasons to be happy each day.