You will need
  • - threads;
  • hook;
  • - cm tape.
You should carefully consider the expected way - that dress or suit will be determining factors in the choice of material and, respectively, the hook gloves which themselves will be bred.
Most often, fishnet gloves crochet today are made of blended yarns – a small addition of synthetic fibers helps the product is better to save the form, and do the glove will fit the hand like a second skin. If desired, fishnet gloves can fit in and from synthetic fibers, but these products are worn worse and may provoke skin irritation.
Measure circumference of palm, wrist and forearm in place the completion of the finished product, calculate the length of the gloves.
Associate trial sample on which to calculate the density of knitting – it is usually the pattern is located on the rear side of the product, whereas the palm can be limited to columns with nakida or repeat openwork pattern.
Tie crochet a chain of air loops, whose length corresponds to the width of the palm at its widest part of the round and knit the pattern the part of the product, the length of which corresponds to the distance from base of palm to the base of the thumb.
Then reduce the circumference of the knitting, leave the loop, which will then be linked thumb. Then continue knitting in a circle until, until the height of the associated cylinder reaches the base of the little finger.
Leave loop for further vyvazhivanie of the little finger and knit 3-4 rows of circular knitting of the selected pattern to the base of the ring finger and mark the loops for it, another 1-2 laps to the base of the forefinger, and then davaite gloves to the base of the middle finger.
Separately vivacite each finger, taking into account the length of fingers and leaving 1-2 cm on the possible shrinkage of the product during the heat treatment. Fingers, depending on the model, you can knit the pattern or columns with nakida.
After knitting the main part of the fishnet gloves, you can simulate rubber bands or tie the selected cuffs openwork pattern thread crochet attach to the point of beginning knitting gloves and knit cuffs in the opposite direction to the selected length.