Of course, women with good incomes can go to specialized beauty salons, to take a course of treatments for your hands. But if you can't afford a visit to the beautician, to start buy a hand scrub. It is inexpensive, but constant use brings positive effect. At least once a week, when you take a bath, otshelushivaet the skin on the hands with a scrub. Then the hands should be wiped dry and grease nourishing cream.
Be sure to make a mask for your hands – they improve skin condition, eliminates dryness and irritation. Brewed morning coffee? Coffee grounds left over from this energizing drink, apply for 5-10 minutes on your hands, then rinse with warm water. With regular use of this mask (1-2 times a week) wrinkles will start to smoothen. Also a good rejuvenating effect on the skin has grated carrot (of average size), if you add to it a spoonful of sour cream and olive oil. This nutrition shake should be applied on hands for 30-35 minutes and wear cotton gloves. The vitamins contained in this mask will strengthen the skin, making it soft and tender. If you still have stale white bread, do not rush to throw it away, because it can also be used to rejuvenate the skin. Soak the piece in warm milk and apply to hands for 15 minutes. After the mask, skin will be noticeably softer.
Do not forget about herbs. Purchase at the pharmacy chamomile, calendula, nettle, Linden flowers or oak bark, after all, they have a great healing, antibacterial and rejuvenating properties. On each package there is a recommendation how to do a decoction or bath of these herbs, and omit the palm of your hand. Your skin will thank you because you give her the power of nature, the ability to cope with any negative environmental impact. Don't forget after all procedures to use a cream that contains vitamins, and the skin of your hands will be young and beautiful.