You will need
  • - notarized translation of the passport;
  • - a set of constituent documents of the future company (the application form; the constituent agreement or a unilateral decision, if the settler alone; articles of incorporation, if the founders of 2 or more; Charter; confirmation of the legal address; the receipt of payment of state duty);
  • - notary services;
  • - services of a lawyer or consultant (optional);
  • - services of an interpreter if the founder does not speak Russian;
  • attorney the one who will apply for registration and obtain a certificate of registration of the company, assigning it INN;
  • - money to pay state duties and notary services, lawyers, consultants, translators.
Contact translation office to have your passport translated into Russian language with notarization of the translator's signature. Translation without notarization tax inspection you will not accept. The translation must be certified by a Russian notary.
Check with the tax Inspectorate, which are going to apply, whether the translation certified by the Consulate of the country of which you are in Russia, if you prefer to use its services. Note, however, that the services of the Consulate usually more expensive than translation agencies. And in most Russian cities, foreign consular offices just yet, except Moscow and in the case of several countries in Saint Petersburg, as well as a number of major regional centers.
Use the services of an interpreter at all stages of the procedure - from preparation of documents prior to their submission to the tax, if not well speak Russian. The registration of a company in any country is a very serious procedure, so it is important that you can understand every word in the constituent documents.
Ask for help to lawyers, if not good enough, in the legislation of a foreign country for you. Offer services of assistance in registration of companies on the Russian market is large, and at an affordable cost professionals will not only prepare the set of necessary documents, but also decorated your proxy will pass to the tax office and get the documents issued after successful registration of the firm.
If you are familiar with Russian laws, prepare necessary documents by yourself. Prepared documents show the attorney or consultant from the center for support of entrepreneurship. The latter is, in every regional center.
Take the tax, if are applying yourself, the receipt of their admission. It you in due time exchanged for paper confirming registration of the company, or written denial of such, if in the submitted documents something wrong.
Will receive a package of documents on registration of company (certificate of state registration and INN assignment) five business days after the independent filing. If they filed for you by a third party, the necessary paperwork should be ready at the same time. From this point formally, you become a full-fledged Russian businessman.