You will need
  • - certificate of good conduct;
  • - Bank statements;
  • - marriage certificate with a citizen of Monaco
Find out if you are eligible for citizenship. It can be given to people who legally lived in the country for more than ten years, and are reasonably well integrated into the local community. It is advisable to have a job and speak in the official language of the country is French. Wives of citizens of Monaco can apply quickly - after five years of continuous residence in the country, and the husbands of female citizens should prepare the documents according to the General rules. Also in a simplified manner, the status unable to adopted children.
Prepare documents for filing for naturalization. You will need to obtain a certificate of good conduct in their country, if necessary, to provide proof of your employment, income, address, and relationship to the citizens of Monaco. All the documents must be apostilled and translated into French with certification.
Contact your local administration documents. There you will be able to tell whether you want to add any more paper. If you show it, then your application will register.
Wait for the official response from the government to your request. For naturalization are examined personally by the Prince of Monaco and is largely dependent on its decisions. Be prepared for the fact that you can call for an interview in order to better understand the motives of citizenship.
Upon approval of your application you will receive the documents of naturalization. The process of making citizenship usually occurs in a solemn ceremony with the presentation of you identity card of the citizen of the country.
Give up your citizenship, obtained by birth. According to the laws of the country the citizen of Monaco may not have a second citizenship. For refusal from Russian citizenship, please contact the Consulate in Marseille - it also applies to Monaco. It is located at 8, Rue Ambrois Pare. Watch his work you can find on the official website -