Find out the volume of exports, i.e. the value of all goods sold in other States. Usually this index is calculated annually. You can choose the currency in which to engage in calculations. For example, if you will compare the economic performance of different countries, you'll like the expression of numbers in dollars or in euros.
Precise gross domestic product (GDP) of the state for which you do calculations. This indicator reflects the total value of goods and services produced in the country. This takes into account tangible assets, made on the territory of the country at the expense of facilities of multinational companies. This ratio is important not the national source of capital, and the place where the goods were produced. GDP is calculated monthly and annually, and then published in various economic journals and on official websites of state structures. For example, such information is regularly posted on the website of the Ministry of economic development . For calculations you should use the total GDP for the year.
Calculate the export quotabased on the received parameters. Divide the volume of exports to the annual GDP, and then multiply the resulting number by 100. You will receive export quota, expressed in percent.
Use the resulting figure for the economic calculations. Note that the export quota demonstrates not so much the level of competitiveness of products manufactured by the state, but the extent of its connection with the global market. In this case, if the domestic market is very developed and the main part is consumed independently produced, export quota will be low. For example, the situation in the United States - the most developed economy in the world. Therefore, when a comprehensive economic analysis, use not one, but several economic indicators.