You will need
  • fishing line;
  • - leash;
  • baubles
The most simple, but very reliable, method of securing spinners – node "Two loops". Double-stretch the end of the line in ring carbine made for fishing lures. Make a couple of turns around the main part of the lure. Then in the formed turns of thread the free end of the fishing line located on the side of the spinner. Gently tighten the resulting knot. Cut the excess twine with scissors or a pocket knife.
Knot for attaching lures "Double call" is not stretched and does not pinch the bait. The great popularity of the site among fishermen due to its high reliability.
Guide the fishing line through the ring of the carabiner artificial bait. Free its the end of the thread through the hole again to form a loop. Grasp it between the index finger and thumb. With the other hand take the end of your fishing line and wrap it several times around the base of the loop, pinched between your fingers. Next go through the loop twice and pull the spoon. So, you firmly fix the resulting Assembly. For greater reliability at the same time pull the main part of the fishing line and the free end. The unnecessary ends of the line cut, leaving 3-4mm.
To mount the spinner using a "Capture site", practically reducing the strength of used fishing line. The most popular is the way fans of "fly fishing". "Capture the node" is perfect for tying flies to the leash.
The free end of the fishing line pass through the hole in the spinner, 3-4 times wrap the ring of the carabiner and slide it between the ring and the turns. The remaining end of the fishing line and the bulk of it pull in different directions, thereby delaying the host. Unnecessary remnants of the line cut, leaving 2-3mm.