You will need
  • - documents confirming the state registration as individual entrepreneur (for individual entrepreneurs), or the constituent documents (for legal entities);
  • - the contract on the conclusion of foreign trade transactions;
  • - passport of import transaction;
  • invoice;
  • - certificates of conformity of the goods in the container are included in the list subject to compulsory certification;
  • - registration certificate for the imported goods if they are included in the list of products subject to state registration;
  • accompanying documents for the cargo.
Sign up prior to the registration at the post customs at the place of location of the firm. Apply for inclusion in the database of declarants. Attach the necessary documents. Upon arrival of container in Russia will issue a customs Declaration in accordance with the requirements of its filling. Submit it to the checkpoint across the state border. In the cargo Declaration will state the customs value of imported goods. Make the calculation for one of the six existing methods. You have the right to choose any depending on the conditions of use. At this stage of clearance of imported goods assigned to codes TN VED (Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity of the Customs Union).
Complete document of control of delivery (DKD), if you need to transport a container on the territory of Russia to destination point. Under this regime the goods in it are transported through the territory of Russia to destination without paying duties and taxes to the internal customs. Make and submit a transit Declaration for registration. It includes information about the sender and recipient, the declarant, the name and quantity of the goods. Instead of the document of control of delivery possible to design the inner transit with the written permission of the customs authority. In all cases, returns are filed together with documents confirming the information specified in them.
Pay charges, import duty and VAT on excisable goods - an additional amount of the excise tax. Go through the customs control zone. At this stage the final validation conducted for documentation, inspected the cargo and its reconciliation with the data stated in the Declaration. After successful completion of this phase, the container will be considered cleared.